E Battery Europe BV is a company that supplies quality batteries for two-way radios, under their own E Battery Europe Label, and also supply batteries for Data scanners under the name Silverback ®.

Next to these batteries we also supply quality chargers for all of our batteries to get the maximum use from your battery.


Our customer group in the two-way radios mainly exists from Police, Fire brigades and Ambulance services. These customers require high specific specifications from our batteries because they operate on the government Tetra networks where reliability is the key word.

Besides this we also supply batteries to other business branches such as: Shipping, Steel-, Chemical Industry, Transport and Security. Who use two-way radio for optimizing their work processes.

E Battery Europe products are characterized by excellent fit, high capacity and reliability.


The customer group for Data scanners exists amongst others from: Warehousing, Logistics, Wholesales and Security, but also a large variety of other business markets where data scanners are used for optimizing work processes.

We have the complete product line in our assortment from Silverback®.

Silverback® is one of the leading and renowned suppliers in the Far East. They are working according the highest quality standards for their production of these batteries and these products are also characterized by excellent fit, high capacity and reliability.


In this Data scanner battery activity we cooperate closely with ID services France from Orsay, France.

In this cooperation we have enclosed repair services for all the Datascan equipment for which we can supply the batteries

If you are interested in this repair service of your datascan equipment, please contact through e-mail  info@e-battery.eu or call with Han van der Wal  on telephone number + 31 (0)615-028249.

We will be happy to visit you and you can be sure that we can give you an interesting repair service proposition as well in costs, quality as in short completion times


Kind Regards


The E-Battery Team